What my chances of getting accepted to a master's program if I transferred several times?

I’ve transferred colleges twice. My first time was due to not being able to afford a private school. My second time I withdrew because I needed to take a leave of absence because of family issues. I’m finally attending a good college and working hard to get my Biology B.A.

I want to be accepted into a graduate program (preferably zoology but also looking into ecology and marine biology ) after I graduate. But I’m nervous about how my transcript appears to graduate schools. I have a decent 3.0 GPA but I’m not sure it’s enough academically.

Advice? Opinions?

Make an appointment with your academic advisor, or a grad advisor/Dean. We have no idea if a 3.0 GPA from YOUR college, in YOUR department is viewed as grad-school material or not.

A 3.0 GPA is not a decent GPA for the schools that are tagged in your post. It is the bare minimum just to be considered.