What % of Dartmouth students are involved in frats/drinking?

<p>In trying to decide between ND and Dartmouth, but the prominent frat and drinking community is one of Dartmouth's weak points for me. I am not at all interested in frat life (maybe when I turn 21 but not before then), and I am a little worried about this particular aspect of Dartmouth, in that I would be in the minority there. Although ND has drinking problems of its own (another student got so drunk he fell asleep into my host's bed without realizing he wasn't in his dorm room haha). I just wanted to make sure that there is a place for me at Dartmouth if I choose not to partake in the drinking scene. Is there a higher or lower drinking rate on campus for those on a pre-med track?</p>

<p>Also, from current students, have you experienced a lot of "preppy" behavior from classmates? I'm from Ohio, and I'm worried about encountering (or worse, being paired with as a roommate) priveliged kids from Long Island or wherever out east that would look down on me for the fact that I'm from the Midwest. I had a feeling of this from my Dartmouth host, but his roommates were much friendlier. Surprisingly, one of the best friends I made during my brief stay at Dimensions was from NY. I know that no matter what school you attend, you will run into such people (<em>cough</em> Yale <em>cough</em>), but is it a serious problem at Dartmouth?</p>

<p>I'm not trying to flame/upset/offend anyone here, it's just that these are very important questions to me, being a minority on campus (a conservative-leaning, lower-income, slightly nerdy Midwesterner), and are about the only things that might keep me from attending Darmouth. Any objective opinions on these subjects would be greatly appreciated.</p>


<p>P.S. Those coughs are authentic--I have some kind of allergies ;)</p>

<p>hey chris,</p>

<p>i was at dimensions, too. i dunno, i didn't really get the feeling that all there was to dartmouth is frat life, but maybe it was because i was staying in east wheelock with a pretty sober host. obviously, i can't really answer your question, but i think that you shouldn't feel apprehensive about being in "the minority" because i'm sure there are plenty of dartmouth students who choose not to drink. as for preppiness, i didn't feel a lot of it, especially not if you compare it to other schools (in my experience, p'ton and uva). i mean, i saw a few people with popped collars and lacoste and such, but they weren't like segregating themselves or acting like they were better than everybody. i mean, i felt like "preppy" at dartmouth is just a dress style. i also met a few long islanders (both students and prospies) and def. didn't get the "i'm better than you" vibe, but they were all guys and i'm a girl so that might be different. but i felt like these kids were all genuinely friendly, and i'm usually pretty good about picking up fake nice and snobbish vibe.</p>

<p>anyway, i'm also a lower-income student with some conservative views, and i'm from VA which counts as the south and might be looked down upon, but i felt like when i revealed all of these facts to both the prospies and D students it didn't matter at all. just be yourself and be proud of who you are, and you'll def. find your niche at Dartmouth if you choose to go there. anyway, good luck w/ your decision!</p>

<p>I took my daughter there a few weeks ago (she has since decided to go to D.). The atmosphere was extremely warm and cordial. Nobody seemed dressed to establish social superiority. It was an early warm day, and most were dressed in casual shorts and flipflops, tossing frisbees, etc. We did see one game of beer pong going on at noon on Sunday. It think that was for the entertainment of the visitors. Our student tour guide said that she lived in a substance-free dorm and a lot of students didn't drink and were not ostracized for it. </p>

<p>You will find your niche, I'm sure. I hope you won't turn down such a fabulous place due to a preconception. </p>

<p>Since my d. started looking at Dartmouth, I have been amazed at the consistent view that Dartmouth was "the best four years of my life." </p>

<p>(No offense to Duke, but I was surprised at the coeds there going to class in high heels).</p>

<p>Dartmouth was the best years of my life</p>

<p>my campus tour guide said that there are a lot of people who don't drink at all or who only drink occasionally. you shouldn't feel left out at all.</p>



<p>Sometimes I think it's a cult! :-)</p>



<p>C'mom GUYS! If ya'll all bail, then what will my conservative leaning, upper middle income (but still working-stiff parents), quite nerdy Southerner daughter do for guys!!!!</p>

<p>Read Cubed's thread on the Parents Forum about her trip to Dimensions - she (I think she) was concerned about the drinking and wants to bail to Rice! Rice, where they have Beer Bikes - one beer for each round the cyclists make - yeah, no drinking there!</p>

<p>I know one non-drinking '09 that will be there. I think where you stayed may have played a big role in your impression - she was also in East Wheelock.</p>


<p>During this first year my daughter has made friends with a variety of people from all walks of life. If you truly want to go to Dartmouth don't let a few one person dissuade you.</p>

<p>You stated that one of the best friends you made was from NY. Build on that realtionship. Continue to build on the relationships that you have developed here on the CC also and will very easily find other like minded friends. I would suggest that you apply to live at East Wheelock or Sub-free at Butterfield/Sage vs taking your chances where the odds would be ending up in the RIver or Choates. </p>

<p>My daughter really likes her EW experience. She lives on an all freshman floor. As a floor they are a very close group of people, they're not drunks and they still manage to have a good time. There are activities, outings, dinners. As a parent (and this might be the kiss of death) I was happy that she chose to live her because it was a great supportive environment for her to transition into college life. Does she have friends who drink, yes but she also feels that she has a safe haven to get away from it all.</p>

<p>Thank you all for your advice and experiences. Maybe I just got stuck with an atypical host, not to mention the other prospie who I stayed with who seemed to be a regular drinker.</p>

<p>sybbie-I'm pretty sure the deadline has passed to live in Wheelock, but is there a certain application process or deadline to live in Butterfield/Sage?</p>

<p>I was told that 50-60% of eligible students are members of frats or sororities.</p>

<p>My hosts (I was in East Wheelock) weren't drinkers either, but they still absolutely LOVED it at Dartmouth and said that they never lacked for things to do, as various groups, etc. were always putting things on around campus. I also talked to people who said that, despite being non-drinkers, they still went to the frat parties all the time and had fun. So, while admittedly there's a large drinking presence, I think the scene's what you choose to make from it.</p>

<p>Personally, I didn't like East Wheelock, as it seemed really anti-social compared to the dorms my friends were hosted in - to each his own, I suppose. I seem to be much more of an outgoing, party-type person than my hosts, but even so, I still managed to have an amaaaazing time at Dimensions. Hope to see you in the fall, Chris!</p>

<p>(P.S. On "preppiness" at Dartmouth - I definitely took note that there was some preppy attire there. But everyone definitely mixed; I didn't see those dressed preppily segregating themselves, unlike what I saw at some other colleges. I think that was one of the best things I noticed about Dartmouth - everyone, of all races/backgrounds/clothing styles seemed to mix; there was minimal racial (or otherwise) self-segregation. Dartmouth is incredibly, incredibly diverse compared to my high school and I wouldn't want it any other way!)</p>

<p>gracilisae--I agree about the diversity at Dartmouth. When I visited ND, I found it a lot like my high school: mostly caucasian, a few African-Americans, virtually no Asian. On the flip side, when I was at the Pre-Med info session at Dimensions, maybe 10% of the students there were white males. I also found all of the students there incredibly friendly, as opposed to somewhere like JHU, where one of the current D's had a brother who talked about classmates sabotaging orgo chem labs and the like!</p>

<p>I'm leaning toward Dartmouth, but I don't think I'll know for sure until May 1st (or maybe not even then ;) )</p>

<p>Gracilisae -- would you say that your non-drinking East Wheelock hosts are the norm there?</p>

<p>I'm looking into the substance-free dorms, but East Wheelock sounds like a great place to live. And if it's de facto sub-free, I figure it's better than Russell Sage.</p>

<p>Chris & Kelly,</p>

<p>The application process for current students who want to live in EW has passed and they have already recently found out if they have been selected. Kelly, I don't know if there is a major difference between RS and EW but one of D's friends who lives in Russel Sage will be living in EW next year. A lot of the current EW's are staying. She will moving on as she wants to be a UGA next year. While her first request was to be a freshman UGA in EW, she was selected somewhere else. Approx 7 people on her floor will be UGA's next year and none of them are living in EW. However a friend whol lives in Giles will be a freshmen UGA in EW. Maybe they are spreading the wealth.</p>

<p>However, as freshmen you won't get your housing forms until this summer and inside of your housing forms will be your application to EW so you have time to apply if that is your desire. It is an addtional form and a breif essay.</p>

<p>ChrisCuber -</p>

<p>Fellow Ohioan - left you a PM.</p>

<p>hey, cangel, I haven't decided yet :)</p>

<p>If i do go to Dartmouth, i think I will apply to East Wheelock. I like the idea that you can go out to party and whatnot, but have a quiet(er) place to come back to. Also, the rooms are awesome.</p>

<p>I hear you Cubed! Because of my ineptitude in making airline reservations and our vast distance from civilization, she did not get home from Dimensions until 9pm last night, so our conversations have been brief, and mostly over the cell phone. However, she got the impression that at least 1 building or 1 floor of a building of both the River dorms and the Choates were substance free? I know Sybbie always speaks of the upper class substance free dorms that a small number of freshmen are assigned - but what about these others? DD was underwhelmed by the River dorm room she saw - a bit of a come down after East Wheelock ;).</p>

<p>For Freshmen,</p>

<p>The Cohen and the Little Dorms in the Choates are also Sub-free </p>

<p>And a few rooms in Russell/Sage are sub-free</p>

<p>There definitely are sub-free River dorms. Maybe they can underwhelm you at first blush, but.... like every all-freshman floor, dorm, whatever the River environment is incredibly tightknit. There are some singles and there are a number of three room doubles (which is a nice arrangement). Students there wax as enthusiastically about their friends and their experience as students in other dorms.</p>

<p>Yeah, but the River dorms are crap -- tiny and old.</p>