What other colleges should i apply to.

<p>hey guys, what colleges do you think i should add to my list. I want to major in physics....</p>

<p>1210 SAT
3.47uw, 3.75w g.p.a
African American
Good Ec's
Live in Georgia
Want to go to college on the eastern seaboard, preferably the south. </p>

<p>so what are some good physics programs around. is uga or emory pretty good for physics</p>

<p>It's not in the south, but you might give Boston U a look. </p>

<p>Obviously, you already know that Geogia Tech is great for physics but a definite high reach for you. Emory's physics program is OK but there are better schools for physics. If you like Emory, take a look at its Oxford College program.</p>

<p>Since you didn't specify whether you prefer a university, a liberal arts college or a tech school, I'll list a bunch of different choices in the south to look at - all with very decent physics programs. They are also at different levels of selectivity, but I'd say you have a realistic shot at all of them, although some will be reaches. Some will definitely offer you merit money or good financial aid.</p>

<p>University of Florida, New College of Florida, University of the South (TN), Trinity U (Texas), Vanderbilt (Tn), Wake Forest (NC), Clemson (SC), Florida Institute of Technogy, George Mason (VA), Guilford (NC), Hendrix (AR), University of Maryland (Baltimore County), University of Maryland (College Park), Rollins (Florida), University of South Carolina, Clark Atlanta (GA)</p>