What other ECs?...

<p>Im a frosh in High School and so far these are my ECs...
(I am actively involved in them all...i dont just sign up for random ECs O.O)</p>

<p>WYSE (Worldwide Youths in Science and Engineering) - Academic Challenge
Science Olympiad
Math Team

<p>Next year i will be adding these to the list:</p>

<p>Scholastic Bowl
Newspaper (tentative)
Student Counsel (Very Tentative...)</p>

<p>One question: Will not playing an instrument affect my chances...</p>

<p>What other ECs should i consider? And also, does this look like a good list of ECs for someone hoping to apply to John Hopkins and GIT? I am an excellent student academically...but i just dont have the time for all these ECs and volunteering...i also sadly have no connections....i REALLY wish i had a car.</p>