What other schools?

<p>On an application form, the follow question appears.</p>

<p>What other schools, if any, you are considering?</p>

<p>Does this need to be answered? Why does this school need to know or care anyways?</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure it's mandatory. You can try submitting it without filling out that information and see if it sends or not. </p>

<p>A lot of schools ask this question. Don't worry about it too much, as long as you aren't applying to 20 schools or something I wouldn't think they would take much notice.</p>

<p>Don't ignore the question, but you don't have to give full discolosure either. Just list the schools that are similar to this school in terms of similarity, size and other aspects that you can tell.</p>

<p>I would not worry about the question. The school cares about the answers to that question, in the aggregate, because it can track its standing relative to its peers. </p>

<p>If you are serious about attending boarding school, your school list will reflect your commitment to attending a BS. As they've worked for a long time in the private school world, I'd venture to say that many of them could predict the schools which should be on your list. (A local day school, a school with a great team in your sport, the school your father/mother attended, their nearest rivals.) </p>

<p>Having said that, I do have the impression that some schools care much more about their yield than other schools. In my opinion, peer schools can have very different attitudes about their yields. Don't panic, but do try to make clear on each application what draws you to the school you're applying to. (This would be a good thing for parents to emphasize on their parent essays.)</p>