What percent of students live in their residential college all 4 years?

<p>What percentage of students live in the same residential college during all four years at Rice?</p>

<p>All Rice students are part of the same residential college for all 4 years, although not all live on campus all 4 years, but they are always "joined at the hip" with their residential college. A very, very small number may change colleges, but probably only once and so they would remain with the new college for the remainder of their time at Rice.</p>

<p>My son is a senior and has lived off-campus for his junior and senior years. Of the five guys in his house, one went back to live in his residential college his senior year. The rest opted to remain in the rental house. I think most Rice students choose to live in their college for senior year, but it's not that unusual to remain off-campus.</p>