What percentage average do I need as a Canadian to get into Georgia Tech?

I attend a public school in Ontario (IB Curriculum). In Ontario they calculate marks on a 1-100 scale. My average in grade 9 was a 89%, grade 10 was a 87% and grade 11 a 94%. From what I understand, Georgia Tech will only look at my marks in terms of a percentage (not convert it to GPA). The reason my grade 9 and 10 marks aren’t so high is because in Canada they only look at grade 11-12 marks for university so I put more effort only later on.

Are my averages strong enough to be considered for the Engineering and Computer Science programs at this school? I have a good number of EC’s and consider myself to be a decent writer for the essay.

Do you know your class rank and class size?

Public schools do not do ranking in my province of Ontario. In the IB stream at my school there are about 200 students (90 of which are most likely going to do STEM programs). I would say my grade 11 average is in the top 15-20% from my estimations. My grade 9 and 10 averages are not high as mentioned earlier.