What percentage of college graduates have never been kissed?

<p>If you saw my thread in the UC Berkeley forums, you already know my backstory. I was just wondering how alone I really am here. So what do you think? How many people graduate college as supervirgins (never been kissed, never gone on a date) against their will? Less than 1% sound reasonable? Less than 0.1%?</p>

<p>Does it matter?</p>

<p>DD & I see things in a science and moral way, and find that especially in these times of rampant sexual behavior that not only is a virgin or supervirgin rare but it is super attractive. The thought that someone has "waited" for the right person is very special.</p>

<p>Not only that - but check out Dr. Oz who has videos on oral cancer and it's epidemic rise in young men. VERY eye opening. And another great reason why those who have spent less time collecting cancer causing HPV will eventually be highly sought after.</p>

<p>And by the way - I know several supervirgins - they are class acts and proud of themselves and their choices.</p>