What pre-calculus needed for the Math 34 series?

<p>This quarter, I will take the course "Calculus for social sciences." Here's the description:
"Introduction to differential and integral calculus with applications to modeling in the biological sciences," and "study of differential and integral calculus with differential and integral calculus with applications. Introduction to mathematical modeling with differential equations. Calculus of several variables including an introduction to partial derivatives."</p>

<p>What pre-calculus do I need to know? I bought a quick review book, here's the table of contents. if someone could point out which things I should know, that would be incredibly helpful:</p>

<p>Chapter 2: Functions.
- Relations vs. Functions
- Functions Graphs and transformations
- Combining functions
- inverse functions
Chapter 3: Polynomial and Rational Functions.
- Factoring
- Solving quadratic EQs
- Polynomial division
- Important root-thereoms
- Calculating roots
- Finding rational asymptotes & the "the leading coeficcient test."
Chapter 4: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions.
- Exponential and logarithmic functions
- Properties of Logs.
- Solving Ex. and Log. functions
- Exponential word problems.
Chapter 5: Trigonometry.
- Measuring angles
- Unit circle
- Right triangle trig.
- Oblique triangle trig
- Graphs of sin and cosine
- Other trig function graphs
- inverse trig functions
Chapter 6: Analytic Trigonometry.
- Trig identities
- Proving trig identities
- Solving trig identities
- sum and difference identities
- Additional identities
- Oblique triangle laws
- Calculating triangle area.
- Given side-angle-side
Chapter 7: Vectors and the Trigonometry of Complex Numbers.
- vectors in the coordinate plane
- Dot products
- complex numbers and trig
- roots and powers of complex numbers
Chapter 8: Analytic Geometry.
- conic sections
- circles, parabolas, ellipses,
- hyperbolas
- identifying conic sections
- parametric equations
- polar coordinates
Chapter 10: Additional Topics.
- Binomial expansion
- Ordered number lists.</p>

<p>If someone could help me out that would be awesome, currently Im spending my whole winter breaking reviewing pre-calculus</p>

<p>If you're taking 34A, don't bother reviewing pre-calc. A literally starts out with slopes of lines. The most advanced you will get in A is power rule. In B you're going to learn more rules for taking derivatives and different ways of using them and maybe start with the very basics of integrals.</p>

<p>So, will B require any pre-calc review?</p>

<p>If anything, 34B requires 34A review. Don't trip chocolate chip, it's calculus for social sciences, they don't expect you to have a great background in precalculus. I took the 3 series and maintained all As while having a C in precalc back in high school. You will learn the material as you go along with the course. But if you really want to, you can review everything in precalculus, but it's not required. The only helpful thing I got out of pre-calculus was basic trig. If anything I actually recommend watching patrickjmt's videos on youtube instead. He does a great job going over all of the basics in calculus that you'll most likely go over in math 34A/B.</p>

<p>Thanks to both of you. Save me lots of time :)</p>