What prep classes/programs are you guys going to go to this summer?

For Bay Area/Fremont people especially, but others as well…

what prep classes/programs are you guys going to go to this summer?

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Not a program but I’m doing Dual enrollment and volunteer tutoring.

Plus some hackathons for CS

What about you?

I’m doing COSMOS and then going to prepare for SAT (not sure how). Have you already taken SAT, and if so where did you go for classes.

For got to mention, but mainly I am wondering how others are preparing for the SAT/ACT.

I havent taken the SAT either, I’m planning on preparing over the summer, but I would also like some more suggestions on ACT/SAT prep.

I would strongly recommend you all look at good local resources. If you have a good local tutoring company, the quality of tutors/classes is generally way better than the big name companies. Most of those companies hire college graduates with no experience and just have them read off of a script or have tutors who mainly do the work as a part time gig. There are definitely exceptions to this, but I have worked with tons of students who went through classes from all of the big name companies and paid ridiculous amounts for the quality of instruction and often were taught things that just made no basic sense.

If you can afford 1 on 1 tutoring, you will have a lot more focused prep just on what you need to learn, but there is of course also an enormous scope of experience and quality of tutors. If you are going to sign up at a pretty big company, ask specifically about who you will be working with and their experience as many of these companies charge $150-250 an hour for someone with limited experience who they actually only pay $30-50 an hour.

Good local companies will be run by tutors with 1000s of hours of experience and they will typically be teaching the class and be able to provide a lot more insight than a college grad who just once upon a time did well on the SAT/ACT.

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