What Prep Course is the Best?

<p>Princeton Review, Kaplan?
My mom wants me to take a class, although I think it's a little unnecessary.</p>

<p>i did kaplan and i found a local tutor... the only thing i liked about the kaplan course was the practice tests. they were timed and in a setting where you can't be easily distracted. the course itself, was just the sat book, guided by a teacher. i didnt really find it that useful. </p>

<p>they give you things online to work on, videos and practice problems. personally, i think it was a great idea, but it's just too distracting. and the videos were of people who were overly excited about the sat. they weren't fun to watch...</p>

<p>personally, i did not like the course, but it was somewhat helpful. i went up about 200 points from it, still had a low score :/. it's really just the dedication you put into studying</p>

<p>Thing is, most of PR/Kaplan strategies aren't really that useful; practice is name of the game for the SATs. </p>

<p>I seem to find Korean/oriental 'Hongwons' (Korean name for notorious private schools for SAT/test prep/tutors) the best option since they really seem to emphasize this whole practice mantra. Most utilize the 'Kumon Method' of having you do classwork, then checking and reviewing that classwork. Something you can do alone, but if you're like me and need more forced focus, this should be good. Just make sure you sit in in some classes for writing/CR and make sure the teachers are good (usually are).
Note: most Hongwons and Hongwon type centers are usually much more expensive. Two grand may get you a nice 2-4 month course at PR/Kaplan, but expect to make 700-2000 a month at these places and more. They are demanding as well, but it's worth it over a long period of time.</p>

<p>I think some decent franchises of these type of centers are C2 Education, Elite, and Testmasters. Just as many, if not more, smaller private centers aside from these brand names, of course.</p>