What prep has the best English/History program?

<p>Out of these choices..


<p>What measurement would you use to assess that?</p>

<p>I think using the word best is the problem, </p>

<p>I would say strongest but then again that is like best---lol</p>

<p>What about largest number of course offerings?</p>

<p>Loomis I kno has really good humanities. NMH too i think.</p>

<p>Loomis has really good history and english!</p>

<p>i don't know much about other's schools academics, but taft switched to a headmaster who was an english teacher in 2001. so, he's been trying to raise the humanities program... so now taft has a new global studies class, a student-designed women's rights class, and so forth.
i wouldn't recommend the taft english program unless you're going to be taking honors or APs. the difference between the regular classes and the honors/AP classes are huge. i've had good experiences in the honors/AP track, but i haven't exactly heard lots of good things about the regular track.(you can move up from the regular track at the end of a semester or a year, so you're not stuck in a particular track once you're assigned to it).
but, i love the teachers i've had for english at taft.</p>

<p>I heard at many boarding schools that the history programs are about the same as colleges.
Many students think boarding schools are harder then the universities.</p>

<p>i've heard the same thing has urbanflop.... and while the workload given in these courses is (suppose to be?) similar to that of college freshmen history courses, i doubt that the courses are exactly up to par.</p>

<p>but, i go to taft, which isn't exactly at the levels of schools like exeter, andover, and st. paul's. so, maybe the courses at those schools really are like college courses :)</p>

<p>Well, for my sake I sure hope not.</p>