What r my chances?need desperate help please

<p>i am going to apply ED to School of Agriculture and Life Sciences. I wanna study AEM...</p>

<p>SAT-1/04-670 math 590 verb
5/04-680 math 630 verb
10/04-780 math 640 verb<br>
1420 total
SAT II-Math IIC-680 Writing-660 (Retaking both in 2 weeks)
GPA in old school (low!-around 3...but ranked about 70 out of 450)...moved to new school for junior year(gpa-like 3.7)cumulative 3.2 . but rank is now 85 out of 250. its interesting how class ranks in schools can differ so much. </p>

<p>EC: chemistry club 9,10
key club 11,12
deca 12
spanish club 9,10,11
computer club 10
spring track-9,10
winter track-9,10
volunteer at library 2/04-6/04
volunteer teaching english at a chinese school
volunteer at homeless shelter-once in 9th grade
work at kmart-6/04 to 10/04
tutor at kumon last year
work at library earlier</p>

5 relatives in past 6 decades went there..
my brother is currently a senior in college of engineering
my grandfather was friends with HT Rhodes (one of most prominent of cornell) and was president of Cornell Alumni Association in Beijing, China
my uncle went there
My grandfather's brother and wife went there.</p>

150 word essay-about homeless shelter
250 word essays-about business and cornell programs
essay-pretty good</p>

chinese american
suburban new jersey
low income single parent</p>

<p>what r ur thoughts?will my family relationships be a factor?</p>

<p>I think that having all the alumni in your family and your brother already there will help you some, your SATs were low at first but then got a lot better. Your class rank and gpa are holding you back the most I'd say.</p>

<p>alumni would be a huge help. i think your SAT scores are bringing you down, as well as the rank and gpa mike mentioned. dont forget you need a science SAT II. the Cornell Alumni Association in Beijing, China is cool, as i am Chinese. good luck</p>

<p>Truthfully, I'd say you have a pretty weak profile but you can never underestimate the power of legacies...</p>

<p>is aem harder to get in than others?the reason i stopped applying to NYU STERN at the last minute for this school is because supposeduly agriculture n life sciences school is easier to get into. is that true? what are my chances u think with the legacies. im kinda pessimistic and would be really happy if i got in. im also applying to babson,gw,lehigh,college of new jersey.maryland college park, boston university, and rutgers. along with cornell what would u say my chances are (reach..safety..match?)</p>

<p>Cornell is a huge reach with your class rank and AEM not possible. Your "legacies" are not direct, and your grandfather's friendship with a former president won't make a difference. I think you are right in evaluating yourself along the Babson, U Maryland lines.</p>

<p>i just applied ED..is my ED basically wasted?</p>

<p>One never knows; stats and class rank are not everything. Best wishes!</p>

<p>thanks, maybe i should have applied undecided instead of AEM?</p>

<p>AEM is one of the most selective majors at Cornell. AEM is harder to get into than NYU Stern. It's even harder to get into out-of-state. It has a 77% yield rate and less than 20% acceptance rate.</p>

<p>wow..honestly..i was applying to nyu stern.. i gave out the recommendation forms to the teachers, my school was just about to send the transcript to nyu. then like on the 24th, my brother who goes to cornell said he heard that stern is like impossible to get in ( this was before i learned i improved from 1310 to 1420 on my SATS), that stern is the hardest to get into at nyu. and for me to apply to school of agricultre here for the business program. he said that the school of agriculture is one of the easiest to get into, and that his friends who was kicked out of engineering transferred there. so is stern a lot easier to get into than AEM? is so, im ****ed , not that I would have gotten into Stern, but at the fact that I would have had a better chance there (my father got his masters and doctorate at NYU business)</p>

<p>thanks for the help