What rare or unusual talents do you have?

<p>Just to get an idea as to how eclectic our group really is :P</p>

<p>Hmmm some of mine (albeit fairly nerdy talents):</p>

<p>-Dance Dance Revolution (to any of you that play: AAA on 10 footers)
-Rubik's Cube (can solve them pretty quickly, anywhere from 15-30ish seconds; can also do them blindfolded in a few minutes)
-The fine art of driving around tight corners at insanely high (70 MPH) speeds</p>

<p>Rubik's Cube - that is too cool!</p>

- ambidextrous
- can wink with both eyes
- can tap-dance and do salsa
- can bend over backwards
- can recite all the books of the Bible in order, in about 1 minute flat
- can cram for an exam in a night, and remember it until the next day :p</p>

<p>Did you mention the DDR on your app?haha.</p>

-picking up accents (this can be embarrassing at times and really useful at others)....what should I go w/ for Princeton? Southern? News anchor (a.k.a. no accent)? British ;)? Ahh, the decisions....
-predicting election results (to brag a little :):I got 1 state wrong [WI] and got the relative margins of victory right for all but a few in the presidential race; got all the senate wins right)</p>

<p>how can you turn @ 70mph? That is insane, seems physically impossible.</p>

<p>Kebree does a beautiful sketching of Princess Diana (RIP)</p>

<p>I think I'll never live that one down =)
..the one of Bloom was actually a commission, just so everyone knows that I don't sit here downloading & sketching celebrity pics like a fruitcase...</p>

<p>I can sleep for 15 hours at a stretch on weeekends and not sleep at all on weekdays</p>

<p>no sleep? whoa, are you human? I could never go w/o sleep for more than 24 hours....</p>

<p>Hey ,not all weekdays! just 2 -3 at a stretch</p>

<p>yeah, me too Akash - i went 3 nights on 2 hours sleep last week :eek:, still don't understand how i did it!</p>

<p>Kebree: No but I mentioned the cube :P And it's very possible to turn around tight corners at high speeds =) Although I wouldn't recommend doing it with other cars around...</p>

<p>-I can raise one eyebrow.
-I can sit in the splits for 20+ minutes if I wanted to. (Yay for being a ballet/jazz dancer!)
-I have a massive vocabulary. (e.g. I'm such an English nerd that for fun in the 7th grade I memorized Barron's 1,100 Words You Need to Know.)
- I can do that twirling pen trick with both of my hands.</p>

<p>I've run over 3,000 miles in 3 years, training for distance running.</p>

<p>c_j - i can do the pen-twirl too!</p>

<p>I can raise an eyebrow and do the pen twirl too</p>

<p>Also ,I can move my neck sideways without moving my shoulders</p>

<p>me too akash, lol</p>

<p>With two fingers I can belt out roughly 20 taps a second</p>

<p>And I can twitch my ears :p</p>

<p>and so can I
I can also stand on my head</p>

<p>me too
I guess all these things aren't <em>that</em> rare then...?
Come on, what can you do that is really unusual, that you'd be know as being the only one who can do it?</p>

<p><em>no one can think of anything</em></p>

<p>I thought my Cube and DDR things were fairly unique...</p>