What’re my chances of being accepted to UIUC?

Hello! I’m applied to UIUC EA and with decisions coming out soon, I’m just looking to know what my chances are :slight_smile: I applied to the history program as my first choice and german as my second. I have a 4.97 weighted GPA (a 3.97 unweighted), a 1320 on my SAT (600 math and 720 english), Ive had straight A’s except for one B in first semester junior year Alg II, Ive taken all honors classes throughout high school- including 7 AP classes, I’ve been on the varsity tennis team for 4 years and was the captain my senior year, was on the board of a community service organization for soph-senior year, was in the Social Studies Honor Society my senior year, German NHS soph-senior years, have been in at least 2 school choirs every year, been in German Club for 4 years, and was on the speech and acting team my fresh-soph years. I’d really appreciate if someone would be willing to chance me? Thank you :slight_smile:

Let’s start with statistics:

UIUC has a huge SAT range 25-75th percentile scores are (1210-1470). With a 1320, you are a bit below average. However, since you applied for History, a 720 EBRW score looks great and the math score shouldn’t matter TOO much. Except for Math, your academics are great and obviously your GPA is outstanding. Assuming alot of those APs are geared towards social studies and related areas, you would most likely make the academic cut!

Now on to extracurriculars. Captian of Varsity tennis looks great. Your student organizations and language clubs definitely fit with the vibe and explorative nature of a historian. They show leadership as well.

Assuming your essays are AT LEAST average, and with history not being a super competetive major at UIUC, your chances are pretty good. With a 59% acceptance rate and you applying early action, you should go in to your decision confident and not stressed. If rejected or deferred, know that modern college admissions are unpredictible (and as a current senior in high school, i’d say unfair). Good luck and let me know how it goes :slight_smile:

My chance for you: 75-90%

Thanks so much! That definitely makes me feel better!

Since they went test optional this year, I would say that tests will have a lower weight than typical years. The average SAT for LAS admits this year was 1333, so you’re also almost smack in the middle. While your math SAT scores are in the bottom 25%, your reading and writing scores are in the top 25%. Since you are applying as history major, I think that you’re likely doing well.

So I would say that your SAT is OK, while your GPA is far better than OK. I will concur with @adamfaridi, but I would lean towards the higher number. So somewhere between likely and safety. While it’s still possible, I would be pretty surprised if you weren’t accepted.

@historygal88 Have you checked you school’s Naviance? My kid’s high school is a feeder to UIUC, and almost all applicants with similar stats to yours from her school were admitted.

Thanks for your response! My school unfortunately doesn’t use Naviance (which is super annoying) so I’m having a hard time comparing my stats with other admitted/rejected students. But your response is definitely making me feel less stressed, thanks for your input!