What Res. College does everyone want to be part of and why?

<p>Tigers '09:</p>

<p>What is everyone's preference at Princeton in regards to residential colleges and why?</p>

<p>I want to be part of Rocky, simply because its all castle-ish and I'm tired of Miami concrete and stucko. Plus, Wilson and Butler are called the "slums". </p>


<p>wilson has fun social life cuz it has lotsa suites, its just really ugly</p>

<p>i would love rocky/mathey, woulnt mind wilson</p>

<p>dont want forbes or butler

<p>forbes and butler are known as the worst</p>

<p>Why is Forbes one of the two worst residential colleges?</p>

<p>From what I've read - and seen (on the internet) - it has the largest percentage of single rooms (which is a huge plus for many students) - and it has a perfect location (in terms of scenery, not proximity to other areas of the college).</p>

<p>I would be GRATEFUL to get a single room overlooking the golf course at Forbes.</p>

<p>cuz its really far away :-P</p>

<p>I want Rocky or Mathey cause I want to live in a castle... but I DON'T want to live in a single.</p>

<p>My ultimate top is Mathey 'cause of Blair. <em>drool</em> I guess I should add Rocky's Buyers to that too. </p>

<p>But a close second is Forbes. It's gorgeous, has a lot of spirit (Forbesians are like a family, from what I hear), and you'll get lotsa exercise going to and fro :D</p>

<p>After that, I really don't care. Honestly, where I live is the least of my concerns, hehe. However, I would really like to live in a double or a quad. Living with other living human beings is cool!</p>

<p>I just don't want Butler...
I'm with phil on Mathey bc of Blair..I want to live above the arch! </p>

<p>Forbes seems nice; since it used to be a hotel, the rooms are nice at least.</p>

<p>Rocky Mathey :D Gothic Utopia <em>sighs</em>
Holder, Blair or Witherspoon would prolly be the best...though I might be tempted to throw couches out of the windows if I'm in Blair :p</p>

<p>Forbes rooms have their own bathrooms :D. But for a prospective Science major, the location won't be too good :(</p>

<p>Butler - dunno. No feelings in particular. It isn't very nice looking.</p>

<p>I don't like Wilson - the only uniform thing about it is its ugliness and the large suites are a turn-off...I want to be in either a quad or a single :)</p>

Living with other living human beings is cool!


<p>haha, is it now? wow!</p>

<p>actually, butler has the most singles. for this reason, it is the best.</p>


<p>What are the general breakdown of each residential college?</p>

<p>Forbes= singles and doubles?
Rocky= quads and doubles?
Mathey= singles?
Wilson= singles and doubles?
Butler= suites?
Whitman= mixed bag?</p>

<p>wilson has the suites
rocky is mainly quads/doubles</p>