What’s the difference between a college admissions counselor and college admissions officer?

I always hear those two terms being used , but I can’t tell if they’re the same thing or not?

A counselor works for the student. An officer works for the school (college).

An admission counselor is someone you hire to advise you on how/when/etc. to apply to schools. In theory they help you select the right list of schools to apply to, brainstorm/proofread your essays, help select the right teachers for recommendations, and Advise on how to list/word/describe yourself and your activities on an application.

An admissions officer is a person who works at the college/university, receives/reviews your a application, and makes the decision on whether to admit you. They also conduct information sessions, tours, etc.

Here is some insight based on job postings for the positions on Higher Ed:



Yet when searching under either officer or counselor you find Colby listing under both:



These “counselor” roles do not match how the term is typically used on CC and elsewhere.