What’s the real deal?

My D went on a tour of Wheaton the other day. Unless she miss understood, she is under the impression that all bathrooms are gender neutral. Is this really the case? What are your thoughts on that? As a parent that makes me a little apprehensive.

Would love to hear any feedback about the bathroom situation at this school. My D really liked it, but we are definitely confused/ concerned about all bathrooms being gender neutral??? Are we over thinking it and it’s no big deal? Just seems odd to us…

It comes up every year and typically the parents worry but for the students they don’t even notice it.
This is only possible if the bathrooms have “cubicles” with locked doors for showers (like at a campsite or a youth hostel for example) - it’d be more of a problem if there were only flimsy curtains so you may want to ask about that.