What safety schools should I add to my college list?

Hey everyone, I have a lot of colleges that I want to apply to most of my list are reaches and I need to add safeties. What are some schools similar to these that are easier to get into? I plan to major in business (finance specifically), so I’m looking for solid business programs. I would prefer universities located close to or in cities. My current top choices are listed first!

Santa Clara
Loyola Marymount
Southern Methodist
Virginia Tech
U San Diego
Stevens Institute of Tech
Penn State
Indiana Bloomington
Arizona State

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

What is your college budget? First and foremost, your safety school needs to be affordable.
UW GPA? SAT/ACT scores? EC’s?
What is your home state since in-state public universities can be often used as a safety school depending upon your stats?

Agree we need the information above to give you good suggestions. A few of what I think are somewhat less selective urban schools with business that I can think of offhand might be St. Joes (Phila), UScranton (Scranton), Loyola MD (Baltimore), Manhattan College (NY).

However, I will add that a number of your schools have non-binding EA and/or rolling decision. If you get into a college on your list by December AND you are certain that the school is affordable then there is no need to apply elsewhere.

What are your stats? I’m in same boat as you to decide list of colleges.

In addition to adding safeties, consider narrowing this list a lot. WIthin it there are vast differences in type of school. Hard to believe one would be happy at Bentley AND UFlorida (small, compact, business focused with little else, outside a major city, NE weather VS. huge, sprawling, major research uni, in the middle of nowhere, FL heat). Both great but VERY different. So think about what you really want in a college experience, what is affordable, and find great finance / business programs within that subset.

DePaul’s Dreihaus School of Business is a good business school, right in the heart of downtown Chicago with connections to business galore. They also have an Honors program for Finance upperclassmen as well. The main Lincoln Park campus is in a very vibrant area close to Wrigley Field.

I would add Villanova School of Business and Tulane University to your list