What SAT 2s to take?

<p>How do u decide what exams to take? Should you just take the ones you are best on or a variety of them? </p>

<p>Also on a side note... what if in your college you can get exemption of requirements if you get a certain score on the Subject test. Then should you do it before you get acceptance or after?</p>

<p>It tends to be good to take a variety, though I would not sacrifice quality for variety. I took Lit, US History, and French...no math or science. However, I has strong grades, AP scores, and Math SAT I to show that I wasn't a science failure, and my ECs and interests expessed no interest in the hard sciences. You also need to look into a particular school's requirements. Some, especially tech-oriented schools or engineering programs, demand Math IIC, and/or a science.</p>