what SAT Stanford will take?

<p>hi, i'm a junior now (class of 2006); i know that california colleges have adapted a rule to only accept new SAT. but do you think if i take an old SAT plus a SAT II writing, can this count as a new SAT grade for Stanford college application?</p>

<p>If I do need to take the new SAT? how many SAT II is required for Stanford?</p>

<p>for the graduating class of 2006, stanford will only accept the new sat. sorry.
also, i dont think theyll accept that sat II writing either. i think they want 3 sat IIs, one of which is recommended to be math 2c.anyways ive just reread what you wrote, and it doesnt seem like you took either of them. why would you take the old one?? the new one is so much easier... no vocab words. good luck!</p>


<pre><code>I've seen a number of your posts recently. What is your intended major?

My son is also in the class of 2006, and is wondering about Stanford as well. If Stanford wants only the new SAT I, then taking the old SAT I is a practice round without negative consequences. At least that's how we see it.

<p>I'm also graduating in 2006 and interested in Stanford. On the admissions website, it says "In the first year that the new SAT I is phased in, beginning with the March 2005 test date, we want to provide our applicants with flexibility. For students applying to Stanford for Fall 2006, we will accept a student's highest individual verbal score and math score from either the old SAT I, the new SAT I, or a combination of the two exams." </p>

<p>So no, you don't have to take the new SAT. However, 3 SAT II's are required, one of which has to be Math 2C. If you're going to use an old SAT score, I'd recommend that you take the SAT II Writing before March (which is what I'm planning on doing). That way, you'll have a standardized writing score to send.</p>

<p>old one is easy. vocab words are easy. new one is hard. too much reading.</p>