What SAT Subject Test scores should I send and where? Advice is greatly appreciated

Hello, so I applied RD to 13 colleges. 10 of them list SAT Subject Tests as optional or recommended. The other three are:

Harvey Mudd (2 tests required, 1 must be Math Level 2)
Dartmouth (2 of any)
Cornell (2 of any)

And my scores are:
Chemistry: 710 (taken in November)
Math Level 1: 710 (taken in November)
Math Level 2: 690 (taken in November)
Math Level 1: I would estimate somewhere in the 690-750 range (just taken today)
Math Level 2: I would estimate somewhere in the 720-800 range (just taken today)

I have three questions:

  1. I should definitely send scores right now instead of after I look at them, correct? (given that January is the last month for which test scores are accepted)

  2. Where should I send my scores? Just to the required schools? To the required + recommended? To all 13 (required + recommended + optional)? All 13 of the colleges I applied to are very competitive and SAT Subject Tests are somewhat of a weakness of my application thus far (based on November scores).

  3. Which scores should I send? All? Not my first Math Level 2 (score of 690)? AKA is it worth it to send my worse scores as safety nets but let colleges look at them?

Thank you very much for your help. I’ve searched the web for advice but my circumstances are somewhat unique so I thought I’d ask.

  1. Yes, send them now.
  2. To all 13. Your scores are fine.
  3. Send them all. Mostly, the schools will look only at the top two. I must ask, why did you take math 1 and 2?

Recommended means send them! Your scores are great. Send them now. Good luck!

By the way, Cornell requires all scores so you’re going to have to send the 690 Math II regardless. I’m not familiar with the other two schools but you can find info. on their website.

Have any of you recieved your scores yet? I took the test and my scores were delayed also. I got a letter that said they are under review. The first time i took the SAT i did a really bad score… I just wanted to know how the SAT worked. This last time I took it I focused more on studying. I think it might cause them to double check due to the variance because i did better on the second one. What does that mean? Could they cancel it? I’m going crazy waiting on it. I dont know what to do! My scores deadlines are almost due. That happened to anyone before? Please help. I am really stress!

@kitkat12345678 I’m assuming you’re talking about the December SAT. I don’t think the problem is that College Board thinks the score isn’t legit and that they will cancel it. I think the problem is that they messed up grading it. You should call them to make sure and e-mail (and then call if they don’t respond) the representatives at the universities you are applying to.

@CCClassof2019‌ i have been calling/emailing them for weeks now. They told me my score is too high… But what i dont understand is i worked really hard for a good score how come they think i am incapable of doing a better score than the first time? They told me they would let me know in two weeks but my deadline for the scores will already pass. They were supposed to tell me 2 weeks ago. Should i be worried?

I called the universities they told me i have till February.