What SATII should I take?

<p>This year I am taking Math2 and physics. I already have a 740 in chemistry but i figure why not try to take one more and get a higher score anyway.
i am looking at us history and spanish. </p>

<p>This year I'm taking AP in both, so I figure I will do pretty well on the tests. Which one should I take, or should I not take any?</p>

<p>In general, students find the US History easier than the Spanish, but if you're really tops at Spanish, just pick your preference... One more good score can only help...</p>

<p>I heard that the Sat II US is a hit or miss for a lot of bright kids. I'm steering clear of it</p>

<p>The SAT II in US History asks for a lot of details. It's one of the hardest ones. Be careful.</p>

<p>Also, Spanish, like all language tests, has a pretty mean curve.</p>

<p>Just a warning, take some practice tests before deciding.</p>