What school can I go?

3.01 GPA as a junior transfer student. Abysmal first year with nearly all Cs and Ds but 3.7 on the later year. Currently serving in the navy as a corpsman. California Community College major in philosophy for pre-med. What are my chances?

What is your local Cal State since you get priority? https://www.calstate.edu/apply/freshman/Documents/CSULocalAdmission-ServiceAreas.pdf

Have you met with your CC counselor in regards to target schools?
What kind of location/campus are you looking for and do you want to stay in-state?
Did you do academic renewal on the classes you did not pass?
Will you have all GE’s and major prep completed by Spring 2023?

Many schools will look at your more current grades depending upon how much time has passed since you started CC.

This link my help target some UC’s such as UC Merced and Riverside. Transfers by major | University of California

You can also use this link for the Cal States: Workbook: Student Origins