What schools best fit my stats?

<p>I need to start looking at colleges. My stats are good, but not good by CC standards:</p>

<p>White male from NY, upcoming senior</p>

<p>GPA- 93
Rank- 18%
SAT- 1940
ACT- 30 (will submit- dont plan on retaking either)</p>

<p>I take mostly honors classes, with no AP's until next year (calc AB and econ)</p>

<p>Extracurriculars: I played 2 sports since 10th grade, and I am in band. No volunteering, no clubs, no awards...</p>

<p>All I want is a list of colleges that best match my stats, preferably in the northeast. For right now, don't worry about cost. I don't care about size and I have no idea what I want to major in. I'll figure all that out later, right now I just want to know which colleges I can get into, and which ones best match my stats.</p>

<p>suny purchase
suny oswego
pace university?
those are all in your range, maybe slight reaches</p>

<p>University of Rochester
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Penn State - University Park
....or basically, you have a chance at anything 35+ ranked on USNWR</p>