What Schools Can I Get Into?

<p>I just want to see if I can add any more match schools to my list :)</p>

<p>I attend a realllllly big public high school in the Chicagoland area
3.77 unweighted GPA, 4.5 weighted (I have only taken Honors and AP Courses)
31 ACT :/
103/898 unweighted class rank
83/898 weighted class rank
African-American female hoping to go into physics! (Would've taken AP Physics if it had not been for some scheduling conflicts...)</p>

<p>Here were my classes:</p>

<p>Fresh. Year
Honors Bio
Honors Algebra
Honors World History
Honors Spanish
Honors English
Concert Band (1st chair flute)</p>

<p>Soph. Year
Honors Chem
Honors English
Honors Geometry
Honors Spanish
AP Psych (5 on AP)
Wind Symphony (1st chair flute)</p>

<p>Summer '11: Creative Writing Course at UChicago</p>

<p>Junior Year
AP American History (4 on AP, sadly)
AP English (4 on AP, sadly again)
Honors Trig
Honors Spanish
Honors Physics (I got an A in this class both semesters, hopefully it kind of makes up for not having taken AP)
Wind Ensemble, school's top ensemble (Third chair, bummer)</p>

<p>Summer '12: AP Biology course at Northwestern</p>

<p>Senior Year:
AP Euro
AP English
AP Calculus AB
AP Spanish
Wind Ensemble (1st chair)</p>


<p>-Girl Scout, working on Gold Award
-Marching band (Section Leader)
-Flute Choir (Leader)
-Students for Peace and Justice
-Model U.N.
-Volunteer at Food Pantry
-Church Choir
-Flute player for 7 years</p>

AP Scholar
Science National Honor Society
Spanish National Honor Society
Prairie State Achievement Award
National Achievement Semifinalist (don't know if I'm a finalist until January)</p>

<p>Everyone tells me my essays are really good, so I'll take their word on it...
My teachers all like me, so I'm fairly certain they put some wonderful things about me in their recommendations...</p>

<p>^Thanks for reading this stuff I just vomited out at you^ :)</p>

<p>You should put UChicago, Cornell and Dartmouth in your college list as reaches, although your gpa and act are little low everything else looks fantastic and being an URM is definitely going to help you a lot :).
Try balance your list with 2 matches and 1 safety per reach. Best of luck.
Chance me if you can, thank you:
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<p>I didn’t read the part where you mention you wanted matches. In my opinion Occidental, USC, NYU, Reed, Colgate, Boston College, Trinity, UCSD, BU and Northeastern are in the high match/low match range for you.</p>

<p>I am an international student from Vietnam thinking of financial aid as the only way to get to Trinity.
My sister has just graduated from Trinity and I am deeply in love with this beautiful college according to what my sister told me about the Faculty.
My stats:

  1. TOEFL ibt : 115/120
  2. SAT I : CR 690, Maths 710, Writing 660. Total: 2060.
  3. GPA: 3.8 (weighted)
  4. Activity: Class president ( 12 years )
  5. Honors: third prize in English competition in 2009 and 2011, second prize in 2012, highest GPA among peers.
  6. 3 recommendation letters, 1 essay.
    Assuming that the recommendation letters are strong enough, my essay is (hopefully) a touching one, what chances would I have at this magnificent college?
    Best regards,