What Schools can I get Into?

<p>I'm one of those over active over panicy people who thinks wayyy too much about their future. I just finished my Sophomore year in high school and I'm thinking about what colleges are right for me. I want to be a physics major that I'm sure of. Right now I'm thinking for schools Caltech <em>not expecting to get in but would kill myself if I didn't try</em>, UC Berk, Tufts, Dalhousie <em>safety</em>, Dartmouth. I wouldn't mind also going to NorthEastern, BU/BC, Stanford and I'm up for suggestions.</p>

<p>Right now I have an A average and my only B in a class thus far was Algebra 2 <em>my teacher was crazy</em>. Apart from that I've gotten. (These are all honors classes)</p>

<p>Geometry- A-
Physics- A-
Chem- A
Algebra 2- B
Algebra 1- A
English- A
More english- A
Latin 1- A
Latin 2- A
US Hist 1- A
Freshman hist- A</p>

<p>Next year I'm taking AP Physics and AP Stats and will be taking AP Chem, AP Calc, and AP Lit senior year. I'm also taking precalc which is divded at my school into Trig and Advanced Functions. I'm taking trig honors but Advanced functions is A level because we only had one honors class during AP Stats which I wanted to take.</p>

<p>I'm top 10 in my class <em>I think around 5 maybe less after this year but still top 10</em> </p>

<p>Mentionable things:</p>

<p>-Next year I'm captain of the swim team and hold a couple school records and I'm 7th in the state for the 100 fly</p>

<p>-I'm doing cross country</p>

<p>-I played JV Lax but I quit because of the questionable lifestyle habits of my team mates</p>

<p>-Math team</p>

<p>-Will be in NHS</p>

<p>-Joining Latin club next year <em>it's being made next year</em></p>

<p>-Astronomy Club</p>

<p>-I'm a tutor <em>4th grade math to little kids</em></p>

<p>-Ultimate Frisbee club</p>

<p>-School band <em>bassoon concert band, alto sax pep band, guitar jazz band</em></p>

<p>Probably joining more stuff next year if it peaks my interest.</p>

<p>Random other things:</p>

<p>-I live in NH
-I'm white, but minor Jamaican descent <em>Yay!</em></p>

<p>Thanks for reading guys. Tell me what I can do!</p>

<p>Your grades definitely seem fine, and it looks like you're on the right track for APs. But all of this (AP calculus and physics by the time you graduate) is just the minimum, what could be considered the basic requirement for consideration into those schools. You should look into summer programs that allow you to study physics more in depth, and that could perhaps land you a nice position under a faculty member at a local college. Not to mention that your character and personality will ultimately have to the sell the admissions staff. Challenge yourself!</p>

<p>I was going to try to get an internship at a lab in Mass next summer. They run tests with particle accelerators and such. My moms friend works there.</p>