What schools did you turndown for Bucknell University?

As a Bucknell student I’m curious what schools did you turndown to go to Bucknell?

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I am a current first-year at Bucknell who was accepted during Rd. The following list consists of all the other schools I was accepted to, but ultimately turned down to attend Bucknell: Northeastern, Boston University, George Washington, American University, Union College, Holy Cross, Hobart and William Smith, and Providence College. I received a Dean’s Scholarship at Bucknell. Hope this helps.


Would you mind explaining why bucknell? Was it all on financial aid or did you have a major connection to it???

I was accepted to William and mary, lehigh, boston university, villanova, fordham, and wake forest. I choose Bucknell because it gave me the best chance for wall street/finance/banking.


My daughter applied ED, was accepted. She was also accepted at University of New England, Eckerd, Carroll, Bloomsburg, Canisius, and maybe one other. If she didn’t get into Bucknell ED, she would have applied to IU. She also applied to Franklin & Marshall RD, but has withdrawn her application after getting accepted ED. She really wanted to get into the Animal Behavior program at Bucknell as it is ranked the #1 ranked program at the undergraduate level.

I really liked Bucknell when we visited with her brother five years ago. He later chose UChicago. I was really excited when his younger sister visited and really fell in love with the school.


I have a friend that also turned down Boston College, Villanova, Lehigh and NYU to go to Bucknell to study business.

Would you mind explaining how you came to that conclusion? I have not yet seen anything stating that Bucknell is better than the other schools at Wall Street placement, so I would love to hear more. Thanks.

Im from around the New York area and so I knew that NYC was where I wanted to do banking. Last year Bucknell placed more people into investment banking than Lehigh, Villanova, and Colgate, given there job placement report. Despite Bucknell being smaller than the first two and Villanova being like three times bigger. Fordham I heard is not good for on campus recruitment and coffee chats are the way to go there, but that simply wasn’t for me. Wake Forest only sends a couple in NYC for investment banking while the majority goes to the south so I ruled that out because I knew I wanted NYC. And than Boston University and William and Mary simply does not have a good enough brand recognition in banking, but still great schools. Price for each school was about the same.