What schools go to Unifieds? Lack of big names?

On the website the list seems very short:
Uarts, Ball State, BOCO, CCM, Cornish College, Emerson, Evansville, Florida State, Hartt, Ithaca, Miami, Montclair, Northern Illinois, Ohio, Oklahoma, Otterbein, Penn State, Point Park, Rider, CCPA, SCAD, SMU, TCU, Utah, Webster, Viterbo

Do the biggest name schools not go to Unifieds or is this just not the whole list?
Where’s Michigan, BW, NYU, Pace, Elon, TX State, MMC
Is the only way to audition for these schools on campus? Please help

Those are only the “official” unified schools. A school can choose to not be part of Unifieds but will hold auditions nearby at the same time. Texas State does this for Chicago, for example, and I’m pretty sure Michigan does too.

MMC’s auditions are all virtual this year and I think others you listed have virtual options as well.

Some schools list their audition dates and locations on their website, but others I guess you have to pass the prescreen and then when you go to schedule the audition you will see dates/locations.

Hope this helps!

Syracuse CCM BU also attend unifieds unofficially -same as Guthrie Chapman etc…Elon is on campus only. They will just be in different buildings, at Pearl or Ripley not the official unifieds designated audition place AMA.
Also Julliard Pace NYU (remote this year) and Fordham usually have on campus auditions unifieds weekend in NYC

what is MMC? Thanks!

Marymount Manhattan