What schools have few required courses?

<p>I'm a senior tryng to find the perfect college. What I really want to know and have had a hard time finding is the number of courses each college requires. Does anyone know about colleges that only require a couple or no courses for their core curriculum? Please help me out.</p>

<p>Brown has no core curriculum but it is very difficult to get into</p>

<p>A lot of schools do not have a "core" curriculum..in fact most. Many have distribution requirements but these are often minimal.</p>

<p>no core or distibution requirements at Hamilton College</p>

<p>Bucknell is one</p>

<p>Smith, but it's an all-girls school.</p>

<p>Neither Amherst nor Grinnell have distribution requirments. At Grinnell, the only requirement is a First Year Seminar.</p>

<p>Beloit College has no required classes, but a distribution requirement. I believe that Reed has not required classes, as well.</p>