What schools have separate portals?

In trying to make sure all application materials are in, I looked at school portals and realized either not all schools have portals, or I don’t have the correct information. I can say these schools have them: Deerfield, Choate, Exeter. But what about Concord Academy, Andover, and St. Paul’s? Other schools? How do you know if they have received all the information without a portal? Gateway doesn’t have SSAT confirmation, so I can only see if that has been received through school specific portals.

Andover does not have a portal, at least as of yet.

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Concord Academy uses Ravenna.

Even if you use Gateway or SAO, they seem to require that you have a Ravenna account.

I assume that means that their notifications are through Ravenna? Because they explicitly state that if you’re using Gateway or SAO, you don’t have to submit the same application materials through Ravenna.

I know that if you’re only using Ravenna, you will be notified there when your application is complete. What does it say on your Ravenna account?

I totally forgot about the Ravenna account. Looking at it now, it’s very confusing. It seems there are some additional forms to fill out, but it’s hard to tease out what it’s already getting from Gateway.
With test optional, how do we know if schools get SSAT scores? I’ve already found two schools who did not have scores which were sent a month ago. But because they are optional, there won’t be the same follow-up from schools if they are missing. Concord, according to Ravenna, asks for either a graded writing sample OR the SSAT. Since Gateway added writing sample to all the schools with that option, I guess they think that’s our choice to use instead of scores? Arghhh!!! Too many portals.

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