What schools / programs are good for someone who is strong in dance, enjoys acting but singing is not as strong?

What schools / programs are good for someone who is strong in dance, enjoys acting but singing is not as strong?

I imagine this includes a program where the dance classes are leveled beginning freshman year, and where these dancers can also study acting and at least take some voice, but vocal performance would not be the focal point of the degree / studies. Recommendations on programs to consider?

Note – looking for more than just a BFA in Dance if possible.

Do you have another child seeking performing arts after your current senior D?

In terms of your question…what does this child see themselves doing…interested in the dance world? The theater world?

If seeking mostly dance, and I know you said not just a BFA in Dance, but that is one route if there is a school that also has voice and acting classes that a Dance Major could take.

If seeking MT, and voice is not so strong, first they have to get admitted and voice will be part of that audition. But if they are seeking MT, there are some that have a focus on Dance such as the BFA in MT at Roosevelt with a Dance Concentration or Otterbein’s BFA in MT with Dance Concentration. Or MT Programs at FSU or Point Park. But again, a BFA in MT will require the voice component of the audition. That is one reason a BFA in Dance might be a better core option and adding acting and voice classes. Examples: Oklahoma City University, Elon.

At Hofstra, I think one can do a BFA in Dance and a Minor in MT. Same with at UArts.

Another route is a school with a strong BA in Dance where they student might double major in Theater and be able to take voice lessons. For example, Skidmore, Conn College, Muhlenberg.

Hard to suggest colleges without knowing the student’s academic profile, however.

@soozievt Thank you for these suggestions! And thankfully I’m done. It’s for my niece and sister-in-law!

OH! Ha, I thought you were going through this yet again! Phew! Anyway, I added to and edited a bit to my post after you replied.

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Mmm it depends how strong their dance is and where their voice is at and how willing they are to work on it and sing for auditions over and over which can be quite stressful if they’re not secure about it. Mine didn’t have a lot of performance experience singing outside of show choir (one year of that), but worked relentlessly to improve (and they really did) and was able to audition live well.

From our experience there are schools definitely willing to work with dancers who sing but you have to be pretty strong as a dancer (top 1-2 in the room). Montclair state I’ve seen BFA Acting majors with dance minors and some schools the dance majors are part of or work well with theater, but more commonly the dance dept seems separate/contemporary-ballet focused.

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It’s definitely worth looking at BFA Acting programs that allow (encourage) students to take private voice lessons and dance classes. Also, look at summer intensives that will allow the student to get an idea are where they are vocally in relation to other MT applicants in their audition year.

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Twelfthman Based on your description, the BFA MT-Dance program at Roosevelt CCPA might be a very good fit for your niece, if she’d be happy in an urban conservatory setting. Have her look at the MT-Dance degree map on the Roosevelt website. CCPA is big on acting the song, so for auditions, she might want to pick material that really lets her tell a story and sits comfortably in her range. The MT-Dance majors I’ve seen in performance at CCPA have good voices, but overall, not as strong as the MT’s. But they sure can dance!!

@Twelfthman ^ Let me clarify my previous comment: I’m referring to the FRESHMAN MT-Dance majors I’ve seen perform at CCPA and the level of vocal ability they come in with, in aggregate, compared to the Freshman MT’s. Of course, some start out strong. Based on what your niece is looking for, it’s a program worth considering.