what schools require sat2s with an act?

<p>Title says it all. What schools require sat2s in addition to acts. I think MIT requires 3 sat2s w/ an act, but what other schools are like that?</p>

in addition, i think that duke engineering requires math, but i do not know for sure
can anyone clarify?</p>

<p>There are not a large number of colleges that actually require SAT II's; of those that do, there are a lot that will take the ACT in lieu of both the SAT and SAT II's. Ones I am aware of which will not do that and still require the II's are: all UCs; ivies except Brown, Yale and Penn (which accept ACT in lieu of both SAT and SAT II's); Caltech; MIT; Georgetown; and Rice. Duke takes the ACT in lieu of both SAT and SAT II's including for engineeering; it is only if you rely on the SAT that you must submit three II's, one of which needs to be math for engineering.</p>