what schools should I apply for

<p>I am a junior at a fairly competitive high school. My GPA is about 3.55, i have all honors/Ap courses and i expect my SAT scores to be around 1300. I have volunteered at Mass General Hospital for over 200 hours. I am in the key club, NHS, chess club, and student council.
these are some of the schools i might apply to,
holy cross

<p>What schools should i add to this list</p>

<p>What state are u located in?</p>


<p>Do you want to stay close to home? Possible majors?</p>

<p>i dont care where i go. I would like to major in premed or biochemistry.</p>

<p>I would also add Tufts University to your list. It may be more of a reach, but it is a very good school (for just about everything).</p>

<p>Franklin and Marshall is great for pre-med, as is Knox in IL.</p>

<p>Skidmore, Occidental, Dickenson.</p>

<p>Denison (Ohio) and Colby (Maine).</p>

<p>Johns Hopkins University</p>