What schools should I apply to?

I am an international student who will be applying to US colleges this fall. I am currently doing my college search but I am very confused of which schools would be reach, target, and safety for me. FINANCIAL AID IS MY HIGHEST CONCERN- I wouldn’t be able to enroll if the school doesn’t give me a full-ride. I am looking forward in majoring Sociology. Some information about myself includes:

SAT: 1460
Toefl: 107
GPA (weighted): 4.13
Subject Test: None

Some of my ECs include:

-VP and President of the Student Council for 3 years
-Class Representative for my school’s Red Cross club for 3 years
-Main Vocalist for a band for 2 years
-Played the main role in our country’s first English Musical
-Employed at a Research company for 2 months (related to my potential major)
-Debate Club member for 3 years

Some of my achievements include:

-Best student of my school
-Best student of my school district
-Gold medal in a Social Studies olimpiad
-Bronze medal at State Social Studies Olympiad
-Intermediate Champions in our state Debate Competition
-Has been constantly getting scholarship from the school I enroll for 7 constant years

My essay will be mainly about how my family has been in a very dark place (alcoholism and poverty) for the last 5 years and I was able to overcome them.

Any kind of school recommendation is helpful! Again, my biggest concern is financial aid of the perspective school. Thank you so much!

(Also, would you advice me to apply to Ivy Leagues? I am thinking of applying there because of their generous financial aid.)

My advice would be to apply to Amherst ED: it’s need blind even for internationals and they meet full need. Your odds might be a bit better than at Ivy League universities.

Your achievements are impressive but your biggest obstacle will be the fact you need a full ride. The pandemic and its economic impact have devastated US colleges’ finances so full rides are going to be very rare.



@MYOS1634 Thank you for your answer! Amherst is one of the schools I am definitely considering applying through ED. Maybe I might end up applying there! ^^