What schools should I apply to?

<p>Instead of asking what are my chances of getting into a specific college, I'm wondering about what colleges do I have a good chance of getting into. I'm an incoming senior in a Washington state high school and looking at colleges in Washington, California, and the East Coast. When listing colleges, please say if they're safeties, matches, or reaches. Plus, we'll just leave out cost as a factor for now, but I'd like to go to a well-known, urban university. I'm also thinking about majoring in biology or pharmacy- My goal is to become a physician.</p>

GPA: 3.905 (unweighted)
Class Rank: 15/640
SAT I: 1970 (going to retake it)
-Critical Reading: 620
-Math: 690
-Writing: 660, Essay: 10
ACT w/ writing: 30
AP Scores:
AP Lang/Comp: 4
AP US History: 4</p>

<p>Anticipated Senior Classes:
Eng102 via Running Start*
Spanish via Running Start*
AP Biology
AP Gov
AP Calculus

<p>*Running Start is where high school students earn high school and college credit by attending courses at their local community college.</p>

Honor Society 9-12
-President: 12
Band 9-11
Marching Band 10-11
-Marched in 2010 Tournament of Roses Parade
Wind Ensemble 10-11
-Outstanding Woodwind: 10
Multicultural Club: 10
Relay for Life: 10-12
Volunteer at Elementary School: 8-12
-6th grade camp counselor: 11
Church Worship Leader: 9-12
-Pianist 9-12
Senior Class Senator
Key Club: 10-12
Piano: K-12
-Excellent Rating at local contest: 9
300+ Hours community service</p>

<p>Univ of Washington seems like a match for you.</p>

<p>UW seems like it would be a really good choice for you. How far from home are you willing to go? Public/private? Any other criteria?</p>

<p>By the way, I marched in the 2009 parade. Kudos for that :D</p>

<p>my first choice is uw anyway :) it's pretty cheap and a good school, but i just want to see where else i could get in. my parents want me close to home, but i kinda want to get out of state.</p>

<p>I'd say UCSB is match--your SAT is 100 pts. higher than your mean. Not sure what your UC GPA is....
UC Davis is good for sciences... and your GPA and SAT are pretty much in the middle of their range, so maybe a match. Here's the admitted student profile: <a href="http://issuu.com/ucdavisadmissions/docs/studentprofilefinal2010%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://issuu.com/ucdavisadmissions/docs/studentprofilefinal2010&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Look at the stats of the other UCs to see where you fit and if you want to apply to any of them. Although keep in mind they're having some budget problems right now...</p>

<p>If you're into a smaller LAC feel, if you can get your SAT up to about 2100 Reed might be a reasonable reach for you. Very different vibe than UW, but they have a great bio program with much less ridiculous class sizes</p>


<p>You should try your luck with UCLA and UC Berkeley.</p>




You need to look at the cost now. If your parents can’t afford to send you to an urban OOS university why are you bothering to look at them?</p>

<p>Well known urban universities:</p>

<p>Northwestern, University of Chicagto, NYU, Boston College, Northeastern, Fordham, George Washington, American, Villanova, UCLA, USC, Berkeley…</p>