What Schools Should I Be Looking At

<p>Caucasian Jewish Male from New York
ACT: 31 (1st time...hopefully raise)
PSAT: 201 (NMSQ Rec)
GPA: 3.956 unweighted, 4.200 Weighted
Schedule: After completing senior year, I will have had taken 7 or 8 AP classes (Euro 4, US, Biology, Physics B, Calc BC, Compostion, Literature and possibly US Gov/Spanish)</p>

<p>EC: Varsity Soccer for 2 Years
Tutoring at Guidance for 4 years
Various Fundraising and Charitable Events (Volunteering at Lymphoma Drive, Tourettes Event 2x, Autism Event 3x, Volunteering at Hospital
Clubs: In Varsity Club 4 years, Jr. Scope (Grade Rep/Treasurer) 4 years, Editor for School Newspaper, National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society</p>

<p>Some schools I am looking into are; UVA, Rice, Wake Forest, UNC, Tulane, William and Mary (this is generally my order of preference... from highest to lowest)</p>

<p>I am looking for scholarships and Honors Programs, and will most likely be Pre-Med. I prefer some Jewish percentage, but not too high or too low (5-20%). I would like D1 sports. I prefer the South, but some northern schools are also in my range.</p>

<p>What schools should I be looking at? Which should I take off my list?</p>

<p>I think all the ones on your current list look great. have you looked into Brandeis (amazing school)? Wake Forest is also awesome I have a friend going there and you could definitely get in</p>

<p>Miami can be good with merit money. Best of luck!</p>

<p>You might want to also look at Emory. It has a relatively large Jewish population, it's in the South, your stats are a match, it gives good scholarship money, and it is an excellent pre-med school. You're really just lacking the D1 sports.</p>

<p>Any stats supporting it?</p>

<p>Stats supporting what?</p>

<p>How scores similar to mine fared in acceptances into these colleges</p>

<p>The College Board has the mid 50% range on the ACT and UWGPA's for admission. That will give you a good idea about how competitive you are. Then go to the individual school boards on this website and ask specific questions about your EC's/classes.</p>