What schools sound reasonable to apply to as a junior transfer based on my stats?

<p>Okay so this is my very first post on here so excuse me if this topic has been discussed before but I really need to know before I pour my soul in the applications.</p>

<p>I currently go to Drexel University, enrolled in the 5 year/3 co-op engineering program.
I just finished my second year and will be entering my third year (pre-junior). I am planning on trasferring after my pre-junior year to junior standing at another university.</p>


<p>-Major: Chemical Engineering
-College GPA: 3.81
-Been an honors student and on the dean's list since '08
-Worked as a product development engineer co-op for six months at Synthes Spine designing spinal implants
-EC's: Undergraduate research, co-founder of MUN, UNA-USA, Engineers without borders, Peer mentor and leader at the learning center and tutoring.</p>

<p>So I guess what I’m asking is what universities do I have a chance of getting accepting in as junior transfer. I was hoping for schools like Penn or Cornell.</p>

<p>Any assistance or advice would be greatly appreciated, cheers :D</p>

<p>I think you have a good shot because you have a 3.81 with honor. Alternatives like CMU, UIUC, PSU, Purdue. They all have good Engineering curriculums.</p>

<p>cornell engineering is quite good too.</p>

<p>Michigan, UW-Madison is top notch for Chem-E, maybe Texas.</p>

<p>Ya, I was thinking of applying to Cornell, Penn, UIUC, CMU, UMTC and Michigan.</p>

<p>But these all seem like they're a reach based on my stats. Are there any schools out there that are reasonablly prestigious and well-known that could be used as a safety?</p>

<p>Standardized test scores?</p>

<p>USC might be a good safety, or at least within reasonable reach.</p>

<p>What's your state of residence? What is your financial situation? Do you need FA or merit aid?</p>

<p>what about your high school stats, and sats?</p>

<p>I thought universities don't look at your highschool stats and standardized test scores if you are applying for your junior year...</p>

<p>Anyways I didn't do so well in highschool, I had a 3.4 GPA and 1700 on the SAT.</p>

<p>My state of residence is Georgia. My financial situation is average, I don't 'need' some ridiculous amount of money as financial aid but having some would be nice.</p>

<p>So let's say I apply to Cornell, Penn, UIUC, CMU, UMTC and Michigan. Is there a good chance or guarantee that I might get accepted in one of those or do you think I should also apply to some lower ranked schools, such as USC or UCSB...</p>

<p>With a 3.8 and junior standing you should get accepted to at least one of the schools you listed.</p>

<p>Estimated 2010/11 COA for upper division OOS students at UMichigan is just shy of 50k/yr and UCB was over 50k/yr this year. Don't expect ANY FA from either. The only 2 publics that give substantial FA to OOS students are UVA and UNC.</p>

<p>Your high school stats don't matter much at all now.</p>

<p>Thanks for all the information guys!</p>

<p>I have finalized my list to -</p>

<p>Reach: Cornell, Penn, UTAustin, CMU, Michigan
The rest are UIUC, UVA, USC, UMTC, Purdue.</p>

<p>What do you guys think?
Is there a good university that I missed? Do I have unreasonable hopes?</p>

<p>I'm just wondering why Penn for chemical engineering?</p>