What schools would suit me well?

<p>Hello, I'm not particularly sure what level of schools I should be looking at. I am going to be a senior. I have an unweighted 93 average with an extremely rigorous courseload in a midsized public school. I have strong ECs and am a strong writer, so will have strong essays. I have taken the SAT twice, both times with no preparation at all. My scores were 2280 and 2330. Should I retake again? I'm a bit of a slacker, which explains the low average. I live in a New York suburb, and really have no idea what kind of schools to look at. I'm not interested in any particular geographic area, and am open to any part of the country. please help?</p>

<p>There are thousands of colleges and universities you can apply to... But maybe with your high SAT score and mediocre GPA, you can go for state universities. Maybe NYU? :P</p>

<p>NYU isn't a state university.
I think it depends on your rank since your SATs are really great but a 93 in my school would probably only put you in the top 25%.
Don't bother retaking the SAT.</p>

<p>I don't think you need to take the SATs again. In order to help you w/ a college list, it would be helpful to us if you provided us with some of your criteria and possible majors.</p>

<p>What size school? Do you prefer urban/suburban/rural (understood you don't care about geographic location)? What overall culture are you looking for? Do u want frats/ partying or more emphasis on an intellectual vibe or artsy? anything else you can think of that we should consider?</p>

<p>well my gpa is low but my courseload puts me around 20th in a class of 240. i am interested in perhaps boston area schools. i would also prefer a mopre laid back atmosphere but would sacrifice that if i could get into a higher level school</p>

<p>i took 1 AP class sophomore year and 3 this year (junior). I'm taking 4 next year. I have taken the most rigorous possible course load at my school.</p>


<p>Is cost an issue? Will you qualify for need-based aid? If not, is your family willing and able to pay ~$50K/year for a private school? Assuming cost is not a show-stopper, here are some private schools in the Boston area that might be suitable for someone with your stats:</p>

<p>Boston College
Brandeis University
Tufts University</p>

<p>A little beyond Boston:</p>

<p>Bowdoin College
Brown University</p>

<p>Get a college guidebook (Fiske, the Insider's Guide to the Colleges, whatever) and start reading about these and other schools in the area. Try to refine what you like or don't like (with respect to size, setting, atmosphere, etc.) and post more questions for additional feedback as needed. Check out schools in and around other cities too, such as DC (Georgetown, American, GWU), NY (Columbia, NYU), or Philadelphia (UPenn, Haverford).</p>

<p>Cost is an issue...my brother attends harvard and we are a family of 7 with about 98,000 combined income</p>

<p>Sounds like you should qualify for need-based aid, but the offers may vary rather widely. You'll need a good financial safety. For that, start with the SUNY schools (Geneseo, maybe). With 5 kids in your family and an income under $100K in the NYC suburbs, for your other choices you probably should focus on schools with no-loan aid policies that meet 100% of need and have need-blind admissions. Search this site to identify such schools. Usually they are very selective private LACs or universities. So, you probably will need to mend your slacker ways and apply to more than the average number of schools to increase your chances.</p>

<p>I'm a slacker academically but my parents are all over me about college admissions</p>

<p>Also do you think I am set for most/ all of the SUNY schools?</p>


<p>^^ I would think so. State universities tend to be very numbers-driven. Some of the SUNYs may have specific GPA/rank and score standards, so check their sites, but if you are top 10%, >2200, your chances must be very high if not guaranteed.</p>

<p>yes take the sat score again to get a a perfect 2400 because 70 points off is way too low. dude are you high</p>