What science class should I take junior year?


I’ve taken honors bio and honors chemistry and did fine in both. I’m not sure whether I should take AP Physics 1, AP Bio, or AP Chem for my junior year. I want to major in nursing in college. I’m not sure if AP Physics would be helpful in nursing, but some people are telling me I should take all of the three sciences (bio, chem, physics). Could you give me some advice please? Thanks!

You should take physics. Many colleges like to see bio, chem, and physics. You can take AP Bio and/or AP Chem senior year.

Thanks for the help!

Yes, I’d also recommend Physics, to cover the three main sciences first.

Alright, thanks for replying!

Physics for sure, if you are passionate about STEM you could see if you can take both physics and an AP science, but as RichInPitt said the main three sciences come first.

Another vote for physics. FWIW I’m not a fan of students (other than an exceptional science whiz kid) taking more than one science a year in HS as the labs add on additional time/work.

Definitely take Physics…either Honors or AP. Then take AP Bio or AP chem as a senior.

Thanks for the help everyone!