What science SAT II do I take?

<p>I want to take 1-2 science SAT IIs. I think they'll make me appear well-rounded and, well, w/o science, I only have USH, Math II, and WH. Seems too lopsided as I plan on applying to top tier schools and might pursue a major in engineering.</p>

<p>However, my school has no AP Phys OR AP Chem; unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts, I had to drop AP Bio this year (I'm a junior btw) and I'll be taking it in senior year instead.</p>

<p>I took ACC Bio in freshman year and I'd be lying if I said I remembered any of the material. Still, maintained a 98-99% in the class w/ like 10-15 minutes of studying for unit tests. Students aren't allowed to jump into AP Bio and there is no Bio HN. I do have CliffsAP Biology b/c I thought I would definitely be taking bio this year.. :'(
I took Chem HN in sophomore year. Didn't study at all, maintained a 98-99% in the class, class wasn't rigorous in my opinion. I'm not so good at concepts. I have Barron's SAT II Chemistry.
I'm taking Phys HN right now. Teacher's not that good, cheating is rampant, maintaining a 97-98% w/o cheating (very proud of that), not really good but not really bad at physics. Class is considered a "let's talk and just chill," almost like a relaxing period.</p>

<p>I'm looking to score 750+ (preferably 770+) and I'm capable of really studying if I know I'll have to study, like for SAT IIs.</p>

<p>So, considering my situation, which SAT II is the best option for me? /:</p>

<p>bummpp! :)</p>

<p>Hey. Chemistry and physics are considered harder than biology by many. Not having taken the AP class in any of the three makes it rather difficult to score above a 770+, but not impossible. I'm not sure how much time you have to prepare, but you should try taking a practice/ diagnostic test in physics/chemistry/bio and see which one you do the best on. From there, just study as many concepts as you can; use a few review books if you can like Barron's and PR (there is a thread with the best resources so check that out.)</p>

<p>Metrical, thanks for replying! :)
It would have been nice if my school offered more AP sciences but no matter how much student "petitioning" is done, the administration doesn't give in. Well, either way, my only option is to self-study.</p>

<p>I did read multiple times that bio is very memorization-oriented. But yes, I'll try taking diagnostics. Once again, thanks for replying.</p>

<p>I do have a lot of prep time! Any other advice?</p>

<p>chem is easy to practice for - easy 750+ (after 750 MIT doesn't care)</p>

<p>Yeah Chemistry is fairly easy, but the key words are 'to practice for', meaning that you already have a firm grasp of the concepts from AP Chemistry, or an equivalent course. Biology is memorization for the most part. I have taken AP Chem/Physics B and I'm taking AP Biology right now. Of the three, Biology is the easiest to understand, but you need to memorize many things. Everyone is good at different things, my forte is physical sciences rather than biological/environmental ones, so you just need to find the science you can excel in. As I've said, practice a lot since you have time, and you should do well. Good Luck!</p>

<p>Oh noooo, none of my classes really stressed concepts. Perhaps the teachers tried to but some of the stuff was confusing so I think they gave up.</p>

<p>Biology's my best bet so I've been researching prep books:
CliffsAP Biology (already have)
Barron's SAT II Bio OR AP Bio - Which one should I purchase? Considering that my knowledge of biology is pretty bad right now..
PR SAT II Bio (will purchase)</p>

<p>Anyone who has experience with the books above- any last advice?</p>

<p>I will take the Biology SAT II at the end of the year, so I haven't tried those books yet. If you have a library card though, you might be able to borrow some of the books and see which ones you like better. Additionally, you could look at an AP Biology textbook for further concept clarification. There are also websites online that explain topics. If you learn the best from lectures, MIT OCW has some biology lectures that you can reference if you have trouble grasping a concept. Overall, it should not be that difficult, just find what works the best for you. Here is a post I found that might help <a href="http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/sat-act-tests-test-preparation/925677-sat-ii-subject-test-biology-e-m-best-prep-books-study-schedules.html%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/sat-act-tests-test-preparation/925677-sat-ii-subject-test-biology-e-m-best-prep-books-study-schedules.html&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Decided! CliffsAP Biology, Barron's SAT II Biology, and PR SAT II Biology will hopefully do the trick for me. I have a long road of studying ahead of me hahah</p>

<p>Hey Metrical, thanks for all your input and help! :) I really, really appreciate it. Best of luck to you in your AP classes and your SAT IIs!!</p>