What score do I need on the PSAT to get to get into Exeter?

It is my understanding that Exeter does not have an exact cutoff score on any of the standardized admissions tests. However, I was wondering about what score I would need on the PSAT to get in. I am in 10th grade currently, applying for 11th. I am in The Bronx High School of Science, one of NYC’s top public schools (please do not tell me not to transfer out, I have had personal problems with the school which is why I want to leave). I am not a stellar student, however, I would consider myself to be well-rounded. I had a 92 average last year. I would consider myself to be a prety good baseball player, and I devote most of my time after school playing baseball. I played JV freshman year and am trying out for varsity this year. I have also swam for 7 years. I have played piano for 2 years and am also currently learning how to play the bagpipes.

There are no “cutoffs”. To say that there are cutoffs is absurdly reductionist. It is about the individual child, not about random numbers that may or may not reflect how “”“smart”"" a kid is. Exeter in particular has a broad and diverse set of students with many backgrounds, who have PSAT/SSAT scores ranging from perfect to terrible.

@mintman1 sorry-you ate incorrect. There are no hard cutoffs but test scores are very important at Exeter.

Most schools will tell you that they don’t have test score cutoffs, but if you look at their average SSAT score you can get a pretty good idea of where you stand. FWIW Exeter does say (or at least they did to us) that they look more carefully at the quantitative sections, so you will benefit from a high math score. And, for the 3rd time today, I’ll say “consider applying to repeat 10th grade”. 11th grade is a tough year to start at BS, and there are fewer spots.