What score is likely if I havn't prepped at all

<p>I've only taken the SAT so far, and I have a composite of 2220 (800 M, 730 Cr, 690W, 9essay). My highest in one sitting is a 2210...but I didn't really prep either for this either.</p>

<p>Is the ACT one of those tests where you can just think your way to the answer or is your score directly related to how much you study? I'm good at science...but the time restraints and weird graphical interpretation questions have me somewhat worried. </p>

<p>I was thinking of maybe doing one practice test tommorow, but I have doubts it will help me. I'm shooting for a 34-35, can it be done with almost 0 prep?</p>

<p>you honestly never know
i think a 2220 is around a 32 or 33
but you might do better on the ACT than SAT, or visa versa
the only benefit to doing any studying now would be taking a practice test in the time constraints so you are comfortable with the format/time</p>

<p>if ure hoping for a 34-35, take a practice test and familiarize yourself with everything, like 123collegeforme said :)</p>

<p>It helps to practice. The first time I took the ACT my sophomore year, I did not prep, and I was only able to answer half of the science questions and guessed on the rest. Last year, I got through all of them, but my subscore was a 29, so I'm taking it again tomorrow. Make sure you time yourself when you do the practice tests.</p>

<p>If you are capable of finishing the tests in the amount of time given, it should not be that hard to get in the mid 30s. When I took the ACT for the first time I went in without any prep. Ended up getting 31, mostly due to a really bad English score (from the time constraint, which I later improved to 35 which would have given me a 34 composite if I obtained it prior) so if you can handle the time constraints comfortably you'll probably obtain a good score in your range 1st try. At least practice the time constraints, if anything.</p>