What scores to report?

<p>So I have taken both the SAT and the ACT once. SAT I got CR740 M770 W800 (2310/1510). ACT I got C36 R35 M36 W35 S36 W(E) 33(10). Should I send both, or just the ACT? I know my ACT score is better, but I'm a little disappointed with the essay score and am convincing myself that the SAT carries more weight.</p>

<p>Also, I am retaking the SAT in October to try and get my math up (I only missed one problem, urghhh). I am planning on sending my SAT scores before October, then updating if I like the score on my new test. Does this sound like a good plan?</p>

<p>I was also curious that if colleges require you to send all scores, does this include SATIIs?</p>

<p>I am sorry if these questions were asked before, I mean no harm. Thanks!</p>

<p>Go ahead and send both scores, they are definitely on the same level. I don't think you should re-take the SAT because you have no guarantee that another section won't slip a bit or whatever (and plus you did break 2300 ;) )- at this point, spend your energy elsewhere.
No, you can choose what SAT IIs you send if they allow score choice. Otherwise, you must send all - however if they don't require SAT IIs, you should contact them to see if you can just not send them anyway regardless of the score choice policy.</p>

<p>Both scores!!</p>

<p>Thanks for the replies. If my scores do slip, can I just not update the colleges with the new score (I was planning to send the score report before October)? Or will the score reports I already sent automatically be updated with the new score?</p>

<p>Anymore info on score choice?</p>

<p>Send the 36. It is equivelent to a 2400. So, you have no need to retake the sat</p>

<p>Send both scores, they really are excellent scores. But I don't really see a need to retake the SAT since you have a perfect ACT and can invest your time otherwise, rather than studying for a test you already did well on.</p>