What scores to send?! 33 or 2240.

<p>Very competitive CWRU PPSP (Combined BS/MD program)</p>

33 (35, 34, 29, 33) (E,M,R,S)</p>


<p>Or both SAT. (highest superscore)
Or all of these scores?
English is my second language. Possible explanation for low reading scores. </p>


<p>2240 super score is better. A 33 is a 2180 translation, or 1460. Your best M+CR is a 1460 too, but the /2400 conversion is higher.</p>

<p>Alright. Thanks!</p>

<p>Just a personal opinion, but I'd say: send them all. The scores tend to corroborate each other. </p>

<p>The ACT and SAT are consistent in that E and W are higher than CR and R. This helps to give a picture of you as a student--it shows that you have been diligent about learning the rules of grammar, but you are not at the highest level in reading yet. The fact that both tests show this helps to indicate that the W or E score is not just a "fluke." </p>

<p>The SAT Math (probably missed one question each time) looks a little stronger than ACT Math. However, the ACT Science test adds some information: you are able to interpret technical material very well, and the distance from 33 to 36 on Science is probably connected with reading--which will strengthen during college. That is great for a non-native speaker. The ACT Science score is also relevant to your college plans. </p>

<p>If you send only one, you run the risk that the admissions people will think that your score on the other was out of line with the score on the one you sent. </p>

<p>I don't work in admissions (but I am a university faculty member). In my opinion, your application would look stronger overall with all scores.</p>

<p>I would easily send both. The closeness between the scores shows colleges consistency and, as said above, the scores corroborate each other.</p>

<p>Alright. I was leaning toward sending both before posting this thread.</p>

<p>I will also be sending SAT II's
Math II: 800, Biology: 780, Physics 790. </p>

<p>Thanks for the advice!</p>