What should a future Finance major take in her senior year: AP Stats or AP Calc BC?

I’m an international student from Asia applying to US universities. My school doesn’t offer AP classes but I self-learned to take 2 AP Econ last year.

As a future Finance/ Econ major, what should I choose: AP Stats or AP Calc BC? I’m already enrolling in an AP CSA class (planning to double major in Finance/ Econ and CS) and I could only take 2 APs at most to spare time for my school’s main curriculum. I heard that AP Calc BC looks more impressive, which is very important because I’m applying for financial aid. On the other hand, most students planning to major in Business related majors tend to choose AP Stats because of the practicality

Hey @Ivy23 I hope you are doing well.

I am currently a college student who also participated in the AP program, and in my opinion, I think Calc BC would be more beneficial because of its likelihood of acceptance and ease of transference into the college. Almost every STEM major is required to take Calc to some degree and therefore a universal curriculum exists which means that all students in Calculus will be learning the same thing to an extent.

However, some schools, such as the York College of Pennsylvania, offer multiple kinds of statistical courses. Similarly, I have a friend who does accounting at Fordham University but needs to take very particular courses that are more designed to the major. As a result, I think Calc BC would be better for your choice. Let me know if this helps.