What should a prospective student check out at Bucknell?

What places would you recommend people visit, in and around Bucknell, if they are staying overnight in Lewisburg? What are the local restaurants students eat at? Where would you recommend people stay if being close to campus is important?

When my daughter and I visited last summer, we went to the not well known Grand Canyon of PA, which was pretty cool. Though, in the winter it might be a different experience. I would be interested in hearing about Lewisburg restaurants.

Ards Farm, Jackass brewery, Grahams for brunch. And there is also a lot of nice hikes all around.

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There are plenty of great restaurants on Market St. There are also a bunch of newer motels on Rt 15 that are very close to campus. Most students spend the bulk of their time on campus or in town, although there are the typical big box stores around if you have a car.

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Hope you have more choices! Bucknell has proven to be a glorified prep school , lacking diversity with an administration that is cold and inconsistent with its Covid policies.

@kodner.tom Your only two posts are anti-Bucknell? What’s the story?

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We had lunch at Siam in town when we were there for a tour. Really great Thai food!!

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Actually they have handled the covid situation quite well there, I know a couple of students that go there and they are forever grateful on how they handled it :slight_smile: