What should a rising junior do?

<p>Hello guys,
so I really would like to work in investment banks. In order to do so, I heard it is critical that I land an internship before i graduate from college. Thus, I would like to get an internship first. However, it seems there are several obstacles, and was hoping that some of you could help me out. There was a recent i banking forum in our school, and asked some of the representatives there about intern opportunities. The truth was that they rarely choose any interns for rising juniors. I am currently a sophomore, and is hoping to get an intership next summer break. Are there any ways this can be done? or should I perhaps shape my resume through that summer to get an internship next summer as a rising senior? </p>

<p>I am currently attending UC Berkeley, has a pretty high gpa (over 3.9), involved in several clubs and leadership positions. Also, was wondering if the fact that I am an international student would affect my chances at landing an ibanking internship.</p>


<p>A as soph, it won’t be easy to land a SA position. However, coming from Berkley, if you attend Haas, you’ll have a shot, especially with some smaller shops. Your best stop should be to look into smaller IB shops and see if they need any interns - paid or unpaid, as long as you can build some experience. If not, you’ve still got another year for the IB SA position,so for this summer,look into other relevant fields such as consulting, corp dev, etc - here is an article on [other</a> relevant positions](<a href=“http://www.bankonbanking.com/2010/03/15/no-summer-analyst-ib-offer-–-is-life-over/]other”>http://www.bankonbanking.com/2010/03/15/no-summer-analyst-ib-offer-–-is-life-over/) besides IB for SA positions. </p>

<p>Beyond that, keep networking, keep your GPA up and keep your eyes open. Coming from a good school with good grades, you should have a pretty decent shot at breaking into IB with a solid resume and good interview skills. Oh, and to your international status questions, as long as you don’t have any Visa issues, you should be fine - for FT as well, if you will require sponsorship, that will just eliminate some smaller shops. </p>

<p>PM me if you have any other questions.</p>


<p>International students can sometimes have trouble.</p>

<p>study hard, and get in haas. From then you will have several opportunities don’t worry bout it.</p>

<p>However if you don’t make haas, then your hopes for i-banking is pretty much out unless you are in the engineering department of berkeley. Good luck</p>

<p>Thanks guys,
yes, I will definitely be applying to Haas and try to get in there.
However, would getting into Haas make my connection wider?
I know that it has a name value and can definitely help me get some connections.
Besides getting good GPA, being in leadership positions, and keep networking, are there any specific preparations I should start before the winter break as I know some IB internship application is due before then.
Also, would interning at completely different sectors such as consulting or accounting help me get the internship for IB?</p>