What should be my GPA/LSAT goals?

<p>To be assured of a pretty safe shot at the law school of my choice, should I shoot for the 75th percentile GPA and LSAT scores of the certain school or will I be safe with the median GPA and LSAT for the schooL? I am a college freshman interested in law school so I want to start setting some goals. Thanks</p>

<p>A 170 and 3.9 would put you in the running for the best schools, but nothing is guaranteed at Harvard Yale or Stanford.</p>

<p>But, based on your username, you will never get into law school. Sorry.</p>

<p>Generally I would advise you to shoot for the 75th LSAT and above-median GPA. That's a pretty good starting point. Of course, really atrocious softs (sloppy essays, poor LORs) can still bite you, no matter how good your numbers are.</p>

<p>You should base your goals on what you are actually capable of achieving. Keep your goals realistic.</p>

<p>Shoot for a 4.0/180. What else would you do? Deliberately get questions wrong to meet your goal?</p>

<p>I kind of agree with payne and americanski. Shoot for the highest possible, but you should have realistic expectations.</p>