What should ECs be?

<p>So I was reading a post on a thread where someone said something like "It's okay if you only have a couple clubs as long as they are 10+ hours a week."</p>

<p>I don't know how clubs at your school work, but mine are an hour a week and they will never be longer or shorter. </p>

<p>On Mondays I take a college class until 6 (and of course there are no clubs offered at that time).
On Tuesdays I have a mandatory APUSH 9th period until 3:50 and there are no clubs offered after that time.
On Wednesdays I'm free right now but there are no clubs on Wednesdays and I'm going to start an internship on Wednesdays pretty soon.
On Thursdays I have Japanese Club until 4 and there are no clubs offered after that time.
On Fridays I have a mandatory Chemistry 9th period until 3:50 and there are no clubs offered after that time.</p>

<p>Saturday mornings I take another college class.</p>

<p>I don't understand where another club would fit. Am I doing something wrong? Where can I fit 10 hours a week?</p>

<p>Usually my clubs don't take up 10+ hours a week. The meetings last for about 30 minutes max and sometimes there are events we have but I don't really take in account of that time. Besides, all that counts is that you got something out of the club, not how much time you spent.</p>

<p>Mondays - tutoring, tennis for 1.5 hours
Tuesdays - debate for an hour and tutoring
Wednesdays - tutoring
Thursdays - tutoring
Fridays - tennis for 1.5 hours
Saturdays - tennis for an hour
Sundays - volunteering </p>

<p>I'm in a few clubs, but meetings are during lunch. There are events occasionally, so I (surprisingly as I just found out) get around 8-9 hours of ECs per week. More if there's an event. Btw when I say tutoring, I mean I get tutored, not me tutoring someone else. Haha.</p>

<p>If interning and Japanese Club are your only ECs, then I think you could do a little more. I know you're taking college classes, but I'm taking 5 APs and still have time for my ECs. I guess it just depends on how much you can handle. You have to push yourself, but don't push too hard. :)</p>